Community Partners provides comprehensive, school-site programs, outdoor adventure and education, community-building activities, mentoring, case management and academic assistance. Through stable, professional relationships with caring and supportive adults, and comprehensive support on-site at school, we empower our students to stay in school and shift their self-perception from victim of circumstance to self-reliant, responsible member of the community. We help youth set and achieve attainable, personal and academic goals so they learn that they are capable individuals who can set larger goals and achieve success in school, and in life.

Based on Proven Practices:



This core program is a ten-month life skills coaching and mentoring program. Step-Up pairs high-risk 9th graders with well-trained mentors and life skills coaches, providing caring adults who can help develop the student’s personal responsibility, scholastic achievement, and social skills to overcome barriers to success. The long-term objective is for program participants to identify and attain personal and academic goals, including graduating from high school, earning better grades, and improving relationships with family members.


Our second year program is a year-round program for Step-Up graduates focusing on leadership development, peer role-modeling, and community service. Youth essentially give back to the program that helped them the year before, and fosters a sense of lifelong learning and community service. With support and training, Step-Ahead youth play key leadership roles in the planning and presentations at community meetings and our annual four-day residential intensive. They meet each month for post-high-school exploration activities such as visits to colleges, businesses, and community locations. Step-Ahead encourages the practical application of skills learned during the Step-Up experience and the empowerment of giving back to his/her community and serving others.


Community Partners participates in the Safe Summer Initiative, funded by the City of San Jose and in partnership with the East Side Union High School District to engage youth during out-of-school months and to mitigate learning losses. These activities further develop leadership skills and prepare youth for the next school year and include educational and life skills workshops, and outings with coaching and mentoring for teens who have had success in the Step Up program. This program engages program graduates who provide cross-age peer mentoring.


This program is an academic and introductory life-skills summer school program designed to assist under-performing 8th graders to help prepare them for transition into the 9th grade. This is a five week (125 hour) curriculum offered at our partner high school site as funding allows. Through several field trips, older youth who have been successful in the Step Up and Step Ahead programs act as peer mentors to model cooperation, participation, and positive risk taking.


Program Alumni are able to stay in touch and support each other, as well as give back to Community Partners programs and students. Our alumni often volunteer and even become mentors. This network is a valuable resource to share successes and life stories about CCPY impact. One CPY program graduate, having recently graduated fro SJSU, has joined the CPY board of directors. We help alumni foster professional networks and affinity groups.

Cornerstone Principles of our Programs