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Monday, January 10th, 2011

A.M. started off by being a stubborn youth who felt that by attracting negative attention she would be able to get by. However, she slowly became involved in the service in the learning and post-high school explorations that the Step-Ahead program offered her.

Although she was not comfortable talking about her mistakes, the staff could see that she had progressed toward maturity.  She had taken the necessary steps to become a responsible leader. Not only did A.M. volunteer for the majority of events, she took the initiative to learn and develop as a leader. During her first months, she struggled when speaking in front of others. But persistence paid off.  A.M. then asked to talk about her goals for a service learning event. She responded by saying that she would be successful if she could assist the staff in providing a great experience for the younger students. A.M. did not only volunteer, she became a coach/trainer for another student who wanted to get trained to do logistics for a Step-Up Community Meeting. In addition A.M. saw that through post-high school explorations she has been able to see that an individual needs education in order to be successful. As a result, she was motivated to improve her grades. A.M., a student who several months ago suffered from a low-self esteem, has blossomed into a young leader who has fought to accomplish her goals.


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June 26, 2011

When asked about his skills at the beginning of the year, ID responded “I am not a leader.”


June 18, 2011

When BM started with CCPY, she was very shy and unsure of herself. She struggled with English, since Spanish is her first language and her goals for herself were to improve her grades, improve her English and to become more outgoing.


May 12, 2011

IC is a youth in our Step Ahead program who in the past has had a reputation for slacking, complaining, and poor performance in school.

Claudia Mendoza

May 05, 2011

Claudia joined CCPY as a shy, quiet freshman, but has transformed in her four years with CCPY.


May 04, 2011

AD had quite an attiude when she joined CCPY and was quick to tell anyone, including teachers, exactly what she thought of them.

Jeff B.

March 11, 2011

During the Step Ahead summer camp, I was able to watch our youth grow as leaders.