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The Journey of a Lifetime

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Discover the journey of CCPY students who experience a life changing experience participating in our annual Camp.

Each year the California Community Partners for Youth- Step-Up to Brighter Futures program helps 50 new students change their lives.  One of the biggest milestones for students in the program is attending the mid-program 4-day camp retreat.  This extended weekend is a transformation for students and mentors.

Through an initial current reality review process each teen identifies three personal goals they would like to accomplish over the year with the support available. They also make a commitment to the full program on their own - students have to make the choice to be there. The students have met weekly with highly trained CCPY Life-Skills coaches who help them address issues, setbacks and options.They have been paired with a mentor who supports them as a listener and positive role-model. Both the students and their mentors participate in CCPY community meeting workshop/activity twice a month.

Much of the work that is completed throughout the student’s time at CCPY is working towards attending camp. The youth, mentors, volunteers and staff all work hard over the 80 long hours of camp. Each day starts at 7:00 am with a run followed by showers and breakfast. Following their morning ritual, they must be ready and in the training course room by 9:15. Lunch at 12:30, dinner at 6:30 and bed by 11:00. The course work is a combination of exploring life-skills, life-experiences, current life-path and choosing a preferred future given evolving insights. After 30 years of fine tuning, the camp retreat consistently generates significant momentum and clarity that is used over the next four months of weekly coaching, mentor support, after-school support and bimonthly half-day community workshops/activities

The culmination of the camp experience is a Welcome Home Ceremony which we would like to invite you to come and be a part of.  This is a unique event that involves not only the students, coaches, and mentors that ensure camp is a success every year, but also the parents. The Welcome Home Ceremony is the first time that the parents see their children after the long weekend of camp. This is the first chance the students have to share with their parents the growth they have achieved, their insights, and their hopes for their future.  It is emotional, yet incredibly inspiring to see how each of the students has changed. They are committed to helping their families, their community, and most importantly, themselves.

Each of the students that wishes to share their experience speaks onstage in front of the entire audience of friends, family and community explaining which aspects of camp were the most important and influential. As the students share their experiences, the significant impact that the camp had on each student’s life suddenly become clear. With the completion of camp, each of these students have completed a rite of passage and they do so in front of the people who care about them most. They are each given a certificate of accomplishment to mark all of their hard work. Finally, there is a reception where food and drinks are shared and the families have the opportunity to meet the people who have had a hand in changing the students outlook on life.

Recent News

February 12, 2013

San Jose Mercury News, February 2013

"Rebellious teens in East San Jose apologize to parents, promise to seek respect and stay in school."

September 06, 2012

Summer School Program Success

This summer CCPY decided to help those students who were struggling with the shift from middle school to high school by partnering with the Shortino Foundation and Overfelt High School creating a five week intensive summer school program.

September 05, 2012

250 attended CCPY's 1st Annual Wine and Cheese Event

One of our favorite ways to raise money for our fantastic program is not just a fundraiser alone but by crafting an event where everyone is involved; students, staff, and new members alike to create a welcoming environment.

February 24, 2012

CCPY invited by South Bay Youth Mentoring Project collaborative

Join interfaith leaders from across Santa Clara County to explore how to meaningfully and productively engage vulnerable youth through mentoring CCPY invited by South Bay Youth Mentoring Project collaborative to participate as a presenter partner during their event on March 10, 2012 at Santa Clara University.

January 23, 2012

Retreat Camp Training & Welcome Home was extraordinary!!

Great work - Great results - 39 new Step-Up youth attended, 28 returning youth -now Step-Ahead provided production and peer-role-modeling, 25 adult mentors (2 were former CCPY youth) and assorted staff and other volunteers for total of 115!

September 26, 2011

SJ Merc Op-Ed - Mentoring can make a difference

Building on each small success allows a spark of hope and in turn willingness to grow in our youth-

August 18, 2011

Teens Back on Track with CCPY and partners' support

It is amazing the difference encouragement and support can make in effecting the trajectory of a life of a child. Imagine if we all helped - even just a little

August 01, 2011

CCPY Featured in Mayor Chuck Reed's Newsletter!

CCPY "kept these students busy with constructive activities (and thus out of trouble)...helping 27 of the students earn their 8th grade diploma."

July 19, 2011

CCPY Given Outstanding Program Rating From San Jose Mayor's Gang Task Force

CCPY received a Service Performance Index rating of 903 OUT of 1,000 possible in San Jose’s Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task (MGPTF) evaluation report for the 2009-2010 program year.